Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Technical Difficulties

Just in case anyone thinks I might have fallen off the face of the earth I wanted to make a quick post: My computer is dying a very noisy and painful sounding death. I can use it for about 10 minutes before the fan starts making an awful racket and I have to shut it off. So for now I'm trying to save what little time it has left on this earth for important things like online bill payment.

On the home improvement front - my mission to Jersey was successful! My super handy youngest son came back to Pittsburgh with me for a week and we made up a deck plan, a materials list, priced it all out and are ready to go as soon as weather permits.

In the meantime he installed some much needed under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen and I hung the TV on the wall in the living room. What a good move that was! It helped immensely with our space issue and I'm now finally satisfied with the furniture layout. If I'd known what a difference it would make I'd have done it months ago.

Hope to be back soon with a new computer (oh, our poor practically non-existent "budget"...) and more updates on the progress we're making on our American Foursquare.


Nora said...

From another Pittsburgher. - Try putting in a new cpu fan. This is not very difficult to do. I just replace the fan and power supply and like magic my computer is quiet as a mouse. Fans are not a whole lot of bucks (under 20 with shipping). Good luck.

jonathan said...

To add to Nora's comments, if you can't tell which fan it is (most computers have multiple fans), it is usually safe to run the computer with the case open. This will allow you to listen more closely and determine which fan is causing the racket. It sounds like a CPU fan, as Nora mentioned. While they are usually pretty easy to replace, they can sometimes get challenging, depending on how the heatsink works for your processor. If your computer was built by one of the "big" brands (Dell, HP, Gateway, etc.), you could probably call them and get the part(s) you need cheaply. If not, it might be worth a call to a place like A2Z Computers to see if they can get you the part(s) that you need. There are other good shops, too, but A2Z has been good to a few others to whom I recommended their services. Of course, if it is time for a new computer, it is time for a new computer. :)

The deck project sounds like fun. I'll be interested to see how that goes.


We are in said...

Nora and Jonathan - thanks for the advice regarding the fan. My husband considered trying to replace it but I think it was time for us to face facts and pull the plug.

Our now RIP computer was an eight year old Mac G4 that served us well, and probably longer than we ever expected it to.

I'm a little sad to see an old friend go, but I sure am loving this new Mac with all the features ours wasn't capable of supporting.

Woo Hoo!

Nora said...

Congradulations!! Nothing like new technology! Enjoy the mac.