Friday, March 07, 2008

Let there be light... and VENTILATION!

vent fan
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No, it's not a UFO, it's our spiffy new bathroom ventilation fan, disguised as an art deco style (imho) ceiling light fixture - and I LOVE it! The fan is so quiet I can barely tell when it's running. Plus it moves twice as much air as our previous crappy little fan with no light, even AFTER we removed the TWO birds nests from the ductwork. (Which my very handy son smartly screened off so we should have no more birdie builder issues in the near future.

Other things around the ole foursquare are moving along nicely too. I just haven't had a chance to blog about our progress the last few weeks. Perhaps because I've felt too self conscious to sneak away from the actual work to sit down and write about it. Handy-kid is a real work horse and I just didn't know how to say "Excuse me from this messy task - I feel the need to blog".

But, he spent the night out with friends last night so I thought I'd creep in here before work and post a brief update.

The fireplace facade is finished, the replacement trim is done, but could probably use a little sanding and another coat of paint, three Billy bookcases with extension shelves have been assembled and now have glass doors - (less dusting, yay!) and oodles of little incidentals have been wrapped up.

The next focus, inside anyway, has got to be fixing that Texas sized and shaped patch in the stairway.

We've had two nice spring-like days in the last week and when the weather really breaks I want to be ready for planting and deck building - not still eying Texas, you know?

Happy Friday, everyone - have a great one!


Jennifer said...

That's a neat little light! I like how "hidden" the fan is.

Sandy said...

That is one cool fan!

We are in said...

Hi Sandy and Jennifer! Thanks!

I was surprised - it's been a few years since I'd been shopping for a bath fan - but Lowe's had several different styles of fans that looked more like plain light fixtures than fans.

Gail Connick said...

A 2-in-1 thing, huh. That's a nice find for a ventilation fan. Other than that, the design looks great, too! It made your bathroom level up a step higher in terms of design. Good find. Good find. That's all I can say!

Oh yeah. Before I take my leave, be sure to take good care of it, too. Kudos!

Trey Hopson said...

That's definitely a bargain right there! It's gonna save you a lot of space for your ceiling. Well, that's if you still want to put more stuff there. Anyway, how much did that ventilation fan/light cost?