Thursday, December 27, 2007

2008 Resolutions - Mess with Texas!

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Aaron started a discussion topic over on House Blogs asking "What are your plans for 2008?"

My own list is pretty extensive and now that I've actually written it out maybe it'll serve as a handy reminder. Or maybe it will haunt me, mocking my inadequacies... We'll know in a few months!

One thing on my list - which I'm about to copy and paste from the discussion forum - is to "mess with Texas"! No not the state - the hole in the wall. A hole that seemed to me to be the size of Texas that was made to install the new plumbing for the bathroom sink without disturbing the tile walls in the bathroom.

I actually at one point thought I'd done a pretty good job patching it and matching the texture of the plaster surrounding it. Alas... that was before we had electricity on the second floor. My initial elation after climbing down the ladder, flipping the switch and having LIGHT in the second floor hallway was quickly doused when I turned and there it was... Texas! It's outline as clear as when it was still a gaping hole in the wall.

It's presence dogs me. Speaking of dogs - that's our Ridgeback, Rufus, who helpfully inserted his head into the frame so that we can judge the scale of my shame.

Texas, you gotta go in '08...

and reprinted, for posterity's sake - the list:

Here goes - in no particular order:

Replace the crappy replacement windows on the 2nd floor with better replacement windows.
Make interior storm windows and exterior screens for the original windows on the first floor.
Replace the back door and storm door.

Replace the front storm door.
Save up and have the 50 year old furnace replaced by next winter.
Add more insulation to the attic.

(are you noticing a theme here? As I type while wearing a heavy robe OVER my clothes, slippers OVER socks, and for good measure a chenille throw around my shoulders and across my lap?!?)

Okay - back to the list:

Mess with Texas... Redo the crappy patch job that I did on the Texas shaped (and sized!) hole in the plaster on the stairway.

Strip the paint from under the eaves around the porch and repaint.
Strip and paint the porch floor boards.
Remove and replace the rotted wood around the porch skirt.
Replace porch light fixture - the bare bulb just leaves something to be desired, I think...

Build a low deck in the backyard for the pergola.
Plant a cutting garden
Fight the weeds in the creeping juniper
Reseed the lawn, pray the bare patches from the excavation turn green
Add a load of gravel to the parking area
Build a raised bed vegetable garden at the front of the parking area
Get a barrel to collect rainwater from the pipe that shoots it out into the parking area and bury soaker hoses in the vegetable garden.
Move the badly placed hose bib to the other side of the back porch.

Finish replacing the trim.
Paint the upstairs hallway.
Strip the doors.
Remove and maybe replace the carpeting on the stairs.
Refinish the living room and dining room floors.
Replace the amber 70's plastic panels in the built-in bookcase doors.

Make a decision regarding whether to cover the hideous fireplace in the dining room that may or may not be covering up the original fireplace or get up the courage to take a hammer and chisel to it and see what really lurks beneath.

Paint the bathroom in the basement
Find someone who wants the 40" 1940s Tappan range taking up space in the basement.
Replace the cracked cement laundry tub, and it's plumbing, in the basement.

I suppose that's a start... sheesh I'm tired already. Guess I'll go regrout the tile...

Happy New Year, Everyone!


Sandy said...

Whew! Made me tired just reading all those "to do" things! Loved the picture of Rufus, sorry about "Texas". Wishing you a happy, safe, prosperous, and healthy New Year!!

We are in said...

Thanks, Sandy! We wish you and yours a terrific New Year too!

Kristina said...

You write very well.