Monday, December 24, 2007

Cleaning up today

Guest Room
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I'm excited to finally be able to see the bed in the guest room! Aside from the bathroom tile project, which is really a perfect winter project considering that it turns the bathroom into a sauna - I've found that my pace has really slowed down as the temperature has dropped.

Last summer we were bounding out of bed by 6am to get started on the day and then working on the house 12 to 14 hours on our days off. Now I'm lucky to drag myself out of bed by 8:30 and spend more time "thinking" than actually "doing".

Today I'm compromising with myself and I'm just going to organize and put things back where they go. Ladders to the basement. Tools to the toolbox. Boxes to the attic.

Then the plan is to vacuum up about 2 or 3 pounds of pet hair and enjoy a "work free" Christmas Day.

And we're wishing you the same - a day to enjoy the fruits of your labor and your loved ones. Merry Christmas from a half-cleaned American Foursquare!

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jonathan said...

Merry Christmas! Mrs. Claus brought me all kinds of goodies for our house, including a new Tiffany-style tall lamp for our living room, and some new hand tools for my woodshop. I think that we gave ourselves one of the best presents we could right now, though--a house that is at least back in order for a while. :)