Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Are We Crazy?

After fourteen months of back breaking, budget busting work we finally have our home in pretty nice shape. Not "done" mind you, but at a place where we can live comfortably and do the rest as time and money allows.

So what are we thinking of doing? Seriously thinking of doing?

Buying an even OLDER, even WORSE house than ours was when we got it! Arghhh... My palms are beginning to sweat just typing this.

Okay - here are the details:

I conned convinced my early 20's son, hereafter referred to as HandyKid, to move to Pittsburgh with us earlier this year and help us with some projects. It's been great. We've got a lot done and it's a nice arrangement - all living comfortably and not in each others hair at all. Honestly, I wouldn't mind if he lived with us forever. We've got the space. It's not like we're tripping over each other.

But HandyKid, quite naturally, longs for a place of his own. Somewhere to swing a sledgehammer with wild abandon. And who can fault him for that? (The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.) And right now there's a mess of a house available, right on our street, for a probably never to be seen again bargain basement price.

So what's the problem? Well, hubby and I have already thrown every cent available at our current house and HandyKid has next to nothing to start with. Even if he can arrange financing for the purchase the house is going to need tons of work and even more tons of cash to get it up to snuff. It would be a long term project. And I'm scared. On the other hand, at least he'd have the advantage of being able to continue to sleep and shower here while his plumbing, wiring, plaster etc are in a total state of disarray. An advantage that we didn't have last year.

And he wouldn't have to re-purchase all the hand and power tools we've already invested in...

Is this a good idea? Or are we just flirting with disaster (again)?


Matt said...

Shoot me an email and let me know which house you're thinking of.

DO IT! Even if it doesn't work out if Handy Man (I'm thinking In Living Color here) can make the payments, he can do what we did and sell at a modest gain.


We are in said...

Lost it... :o( After like a 78% price drop. Oh well... he who hesitates and all that.